Billboards are one of the most popular and effective form of advertising. Billboards play an integral role in marketing as a large volume traffic media resource. 

America spends more time in transit and less time in the home. As such, our mobile society makes outdoor advertising an important and effective means of getting messages in front of people's eyes. Billboards can be an effective way to generate name or product recognition especially with heavy traffic consumers. Billboard campaigns that include a company name and a memorable image of a product or service  is your fist step to building awareness to your brand.

Giant screen billboards stay visible 24 hours a day, every day of the week. As of 2010, more than 90 percent of Americans had at least one vehicle, making at least one interstate trip each weekday, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. These mobile consumers see billboards every day while traveling for business or pleasure. 

Digital Billboards  

It displays different messages at different times of the day.  Stream content from a business's website or social media platform in real time, bringing a compelling symmetry to a marketing campaign. 

  • In general, a standard digital billboard will rotate an ad every 8 seconds over 64 seconds. Although you are sharing the ad space with other businesses, the ads changing is actually more likely to draw the eye of people passing by.
  • You can easily change your billboard advertising. Instead of waiting a few weeks to have your ad printed and posted on a standard billboard, the changes can be made in only a few hours
  • Advertise at peak times. For example, a restaurant can choose to run their ad only for a few hours during evening traffic to draw in customers.
  • Lock in for shorter campaigns. Since the turnover on digital billboards can happen almost immediately, you can choose to run your ad for a shorter amount of time. Running a pop up store in Atlanta? A digital billboard advertising might be the best option.

Static Billboards 

It might seem like digital billboards are the way to go, but traditional static billboards have their merits as well. Here are a few situations where a static billboard might be the better option for your business.

  • If you want your advertisement on a billboard in the long term, traditional paper billboards are low-tech.
  • People driving by won’t miss your ad because it does not rotated like a digital billboard tends to do.
  • Static Billboards are visually great to see day or night. 

Mobile Truck Billboards 


Imagine the impact that your advertisement can have when it is on a mobile billboard  truck that is driving around town. Your ad will always be moving, which means your advertisement will be covering a wider geographic area than a regular billboard. Mobile billboard advertising catches potential customers’ eyes, which makes it the ideal way to promote a product, business, or an upcoming event.

You will gain recognition and brand awareness for your business with the precision targeting of our mobile billboards. By placing your advertisement on one of the best EYE CATCHING Media's mobile billboard trucks, you will reach numerous customers that other advertising platforms cannot reach. Our company has a fleet of trucks fabricated into full size billboards which allows us to take your ad campaign directly to the people by traveling throughout the city.

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