About Us


Why Us?


In 2002 there was a small business in New York City that needed marketing and advertisement. Unfortunately, there were not any resources or affordable media platforms for a small business owner. Stressing affordable, as sales agents were unrealistic with their big shark rates. Due to market saturation, a decision was made to sell the business. A few years later, a different city, a different business, yet the same scenario....marketing prices where astronomical. 

A bachelor's and masters degree in marketing became the tool to make a change.  After many years of studying the media industry, my knowledge in building a brand and a business made me realize it did not always require a huge investment. 

I decided to launch my own media and marketing business. Canvas Media Group's goals are to bring marketing services to small business owners at an affordable price. We are based out in Atlanta, however we service all areas.


Our Mission

“Because we are aware of the plight in affordable media, Canvas Media Group has decided to establish realistic marketing campaigns to help businesses reach their goals."



To offers media resources for small business owners at affordable prices. Campaigns are created to allow small business owners the opportunity to grow and use platforms that were not available to them.  Our main drive is to help small business owners to grow and maintain profits consistently through our strategic campaigns.